Book 2: The Possibility of an Island by Michel Houellebecq

Pilt“The Possibility of an Island” by Michel Houellebecq (2006, Vintage international)

Finished reading it on 21.08.2012

Rating: 7 points out of 10

This book sat on my bedside table for weeks and it also occupied my desk and and my bag and it basically ended up coming with me to a lot of places and being undeservedly left unnoticed, because I’d almost always have a non-fiction book with me, which would win over it every time.

And then it got a little more interesting. The plot isn’t bad, I’d say it’s actually good, maybe just a bit unusual at times.

It goes about Daniel and his clones that come after him and are writing Daniel1-s life-story. It does make one think. “Would you want to be immortal?” might be one of the questions you’d end up asking other people trying to figure out an answer for yourself.

And also, since some parts of the novel take the reader to a dystopian future, make one think that right now might actually be one of the high points of human civilization. I’d rather prefer it not to be so, but it would be a better option than having it in the past.

I think it is worth reading, even if it might seem a little disturbing at times.

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