Book 3: How to Become an Intellectual by Nick Kolakowski

  “How to Become an Intellectual” by Nick Kolakowski (2012, Adams media)

Finished it on 21.08.2012

Rating: 7 out of 10

Anyone up to reading a little training manual for becoming an intellectual? Anyone? Anyone at all?

Well, it was fun, as it was supposed to be. And it did help a lot that I’ve apparently been following many of the “maxims” in the book anyway, so I know I’m at least doing something right, even if the goal seems unreachable and to be honest, I thought becoming an intellectual might be like climbing a mediocre mountain, just pull yourself together, be in the right place at the right time and go! But instead you’d find yourself at the foot of Olympus Mons and start wondering how did you even end up on Mars anyway…

So back to the book. I liked it, because it basically tells me to do almost exactly what I’ve been doing for my past 22 and a half years of life, for example, it tells you to:

“Read and comprehend (nearly) everything”

“Buy books by the foot”  This one is something to worry about a little, since my earnings seem to go straight to the book-stores…

“Choose your favourite philosopher”

I guess if someone would really aspire to be an intellectual, then this book would be the perfect reading material to start off on the journey. And as a bonus it also seems realistic and in principle shouldn’t give anyone the impression they’re going to be trying to climb the highest mountain in the solar system.

Go ahead! Read it!

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