Book 5: The Story of Astronomy by Peter Aughton

The Story of Astronomy by Peter Aughton (2011, Quercus)

Finished reading on August 27, 2012

Rating: 9/10

If you’d happen to read just one book about the history of astronomy, then this is the perfect book for you!

It covers all the essential astronomers, discoveries and gives it all a little background as well.

First when I started reading it, I didn’t have high hopes, as in the end of last year I read “The Story of Astronomy” by Patrick Moore and in the end of June Fred Watson’s “Stargazer”, so I’ve had quite a lot of history of astronomy for some months, and already with “Stargazer” I got a little bored because of having read about most of the topics covered there.

However, as I was beginning to read Aughton’s book, there was a nice surprise – some people, events and discoveries which hadn’t been covered in the books I had previously read. It got really interesting quickly, and it’s not one of those history books where the author lingers on one event for about as long as it took for the event to actually happen, no, it’s fast-paced though still managing to give all the necessary details.

I simply loved it. It would have gotten 10 points if it had been my first book on the history of astronomy.

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