Book 6: Night & Low-Light Photography by Jill Waterman

Night & Low-Light Photography by Jill Waterman (Amphoto Books, 2008)

Finished reading on October 24, 2012

Rating: 7/10

Whenever I find a book that covers exactly the subjects I’m interested in, I get really exited. The sad part comes along quickly, because the expectations get really high, as with this book.

I love night photography. And the book does give lots of examples of different photographers’ works and various methods that I might some night want to try out. Actually there was a bit of trouble with reading this book at night-time – it is somewhat inspirational/motivational, so I’d just stop reading, grab my camera and go outside to try and take as good pictures as I could… since I’ve still got to learn to actually implement some of the techniques used in the book.

It’s rather informative though it does seem a little impersonal, the pictures especially. Not that photos should always tell a story, but at some point it gets a bit tiresome reading all the technical details of a picture…

Otherwise it’s good, I think if I hadn’t been into night photography before reading it, I would have gotten interested in it by now.

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