Book 16: The Great Atlas of the Stars by Serge Brunier

The Great Atlas of the Stars by Serge Brunier

Finished reading/watching pictures on November 15, 2012

Rating: 6/10 for practical purposes, 3/10 for light reading 8/10 for photos

This is as the title suggests, a great atlas, it’s in such a large format, that if you want to use this while observing something at night, you’d better have a table for it, and since it has pretty pictures in it, a small home observatory would be also recommended, just so that His Royal Highness the Great Atlas would be pleased.

I can’t imagine using it during an evening of observations unless it’s somewhere huddled in a corner of a sofa with a cup of hot cocoa and looking at the pictures, instead of freezing next to my telescope.

However it would work for planning observations – it has some of the best astronomical objects one might want to observe with a small telescope and 30 constellation charts, where you can find several galaxies, clusters double stars etc.

As a huge plus side – with each constellation chart, there is a plastic sheet, on which are the positions and names of some of the brighter objects, so you can turn that plastic page back and forth and learn the names of stars in constellations.

I probably wouldn’t use this atlas myself. It’s more of a coffee-table book in my opinion. Plus, since it covers almost only the northern hemisphere constellations, with just 7 constellations that can be seen only in the southern hemisphere, then it doesn’t give a good overview. I’d want to say, that the objects in it would be good for someone starting to observe with a small telescope, but it’s large size would make the atlas difficult to use.

So to sum up: Pretty pictures, 30 constellation charts, huge format, basic info for some stars, galaxies and clusters.

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