Book 20: By The Seat Of My Pants


By The Seat of My Pants, edited by Don George

Finished reading December 18, 2012

Rating 7/10

It’s a collection of short stories by travel writers, which as the subtitle says, are dubbed as humorous.

I was reading it Monday morning on a bus ride home, just because it seemed like something nice to do – read about other people’s travels while being bound to the same old route between Tartu and Tallinn.

Reading it was easy and fun, however some of the stories are “lough out loud” funny, so I found it wasn’t the best idea to read it while there’s some stranger sitting next to me – it was difficult to stifle the laughter and not be annoying (I know how disturbing it can be, when there’s a random person next to you, reading and laughing – there’s the eternal question of whether the laughter is to get your attention and make you ask something about the book, or something else and the person would rather sit on top of a cactus than talk about the book. ) .

In general one could say that it serves its purpose well – it’s good fun and it’ll probably make you want to go traveling and avoid incidents the like of which you can read about in “By the Seat of My Pants”.

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