Book 22: The Black Cloud by Fred Hoyle


The Black Cloud by Fred Hoyle

Finished reading on 27.12.2012

Rating 9/10

The Black Cloud was such a great book – it was short (some 200 pages), it was exciting and as always – almost anything to read is great when you’re sitting on a bus filled with people you’d want to hide away from, (possibly under a seat, but it’s unpractical for reading – not enough space and a bit dark).

It’s a sci-fi book about what would
happen if the Solar System happened to come across a dense large cloud. It’s a nice thought experiment really, with some interesting physics behind it – the cloud can either freeze the Earth and rob it of the sunlight, or it can burn it and leave without an atmosphere… and what if it were’nt just a molecular cloud, but instead something unexpected like another form of life, although a huge one of those?

I really enjoyed the book and to any science fiction fan, I’d highly recommend reading it.

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