Book 26: Antimatter by Frank Close


Antimatter by Frank Close

Finished reading 7.01.2013

Rating 8/10

So how about those antimatter engines? Bad luck if you read this book – you’ll realize it’s way beyond the Earth’s economy unless we find a natural source of antimatter in our Solar System’s vicinity.

It’s a rather good supplement to anyone interested in particle physics, and also for sci-fi fans in order to shatter your dreams of fast interstellar travel without wormholes 🙂

I personally liked it and didn’t find it too difficult (but then again particle physics is basically my second favorite branch of physics and I’m thus somewhat acquainted with it).

As a bonus it’s only around 150 pages and there’s barely any maths involved.

To quote Douglas Adams’ worlds Sirius Cybernetics Company’s Nutrimatic Drink Dispenser: “Share and enjoy!”

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