Book 34: The Prophet and the Astronomer by Marcelo Gleiser

PIMG_7930“The Prophet and the Astronomer” by Marcelo Gleiser

Finished reading February 13, 2013

Rating 7/10

The Prophet and the Astronomer is a mix of cosmology, religion and history of astronomy. As such it’s an interesting read and a good way to extend and connect your knowledge from two different fields – astronomy and religion.

I particularly liked  the first chapters where it dealt with all the ways in which the world could end, both what some religions say and how it might actually come about – comet maybe? or the asteroid flying past us on Friday? Anyhow that was the part I enjoyed the most, as it had some new information for me.

The book ends with quite a lot of cosmology, so one might find it bothersome without sufficient knowledge beforehand, there’s no real mathematics or formulas you’d need to know, but it’s just theoretical physics shown at it’s best in the quest to understand the universe or multiverse we live in…

It has a lot of helpful schematics and is easy to read and even if you already know quite a bit about cosmology or prophets predicting an apocalypse, it is still interesting enough so you wouldn’t fall asleep while reading it.

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