Book 40: The Inscrutable Americans by Anurag Mathur

PIMG_0021The Inscrutable Americans by Anurag Mathur

Finished reading on March 24, 2013

Rating 7/10

I started reading this book in the end of last week, but only now did I finally get to the end.

It’s about an Indian guy who goes to the US for a year to study at a college and about what he sees and experiences there. It starts out funny – Gopal’s love for coke for example . Then there are the odd phrases that Americans use that baffle Gopal, such as “get out of here”, “so long” and “cool it”. And the gem – a certificate saying that Gopal’s the most promising young man in the hair oil business, which he thinks would impress American girls.

Despite all the humour, I found it sad by the end – the main character’s loneliness and withdrawal and the final departure to India made me think of rainy gray weather and depressing vocal music.  The saddest part was when he goes to the mall on Christmas Eve just to be with other people.

Well it might have just seemed to me that the book was sad, as I’m spending my Sunday home alone…

But then again, Gopal’s kind of naive and odd (classic nerd??) and if you’d move the plot to my country and my college class, remove the difference in skin colour and cultural heritage and add computer games – then you’ve got some of my acquaintances and I stop feeling sad and rather get annoyed.

The book’s okay and good fun, as long as one doesn’t start digging into deeper issues there.

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