Book 47: The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

PIMG_3879The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

Finished reading June 9, 2013

Rating 6/10

I got this book as a kind of challenge for myself. Usually I don’t even look in the thriller sections in book stores, but a week ago I thought I should give it a try.

The Bourne Identity was something I’d heard of, the movie of course  not the book. And as I read the first few chapters I realized that I haven’t even seen the movie….

The story could be told this way: A man is found half-dead floating in the Mediterranean, he is found and taken to a small island where he stays for six months with a doctor, as he doesn’t really have any other logical place to go to, as he doesn’t remember anything about who he is and only information about his former life comes from a microchip that the doctor found in his hip, which has a bank’s name and an account number on it.

As the time passes the man must try and find out who he is…. trouble, blood and shooting ensues.

It was indeed what might be called “thrilling” and it kept me reading it although  it’s a rather long book. However I’m still of the opinion that thrillers are not really my thing, I’d much more prefer unicorns and rainbows. So that’s the reason for the rather low rating, the writing is good though.

As for the 2002 movie – yesterday evening I saw the first 40 minutes of it and it was rather different from the book, I guess I’ll have to finish watching it some time soon to find out whether there are any bigger modifications to it than I’ve already seen (thus far I think the book is better than the movie). A link to the trailer.

Now I found there’s also a 1988 version of the movie (miniseries?), so I might have to look into that, at least I see the English doctor on the character list, who doesn’t exist in the 2002 movie…



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