Book 50: Gone by Michael Grant

PIMG_3910Gone by Michael Grant (First book in the Gone series)

Finished reading June 17, 2013

Rating 8/10

This was a creepy, scary, and at times horrifying book. Despite  or perhaps because of that it was gripping and really difficult to put down.

It starts on a day when suddenly all people above the age of 14 disappear. What could possibly happen if there were only children left in the world? Well, as appears a lot of things, as adults just “poof” out of existence and that in itself leads to dangerous situations such as car crashes, stoves left unattended etc.

But that’s not all! There’s the added mystery that has to do something with a nuclear power plant around which there’s  a barrier with a 10 mile radius, leaving Perdido Beach, the main location for all the events in the book cut off from the rest of the world with the exception of a school for rather difficult children, Coates inside the sphere. That barrier is not the weirdest thing though – some of the children appear to have developed some odd powers that don’t really fit into the universe with the known laws of physics.

All the rest you can read for yourself. 🙂

However just a bit more about the book in general – It might remind one a bit of the Harry Potter books:

First: There’s a Know-It-All Girl who becomes really good friends with the main character

Second: There’s the main character’s best friend who feels insecure…

Third: There’s a battle for life or death and a feast in the end of the book.

Otherwise it’s totally different. (Though made me want to read Harry Potter again…)

However all the magic in Harry Potter can’t reach the cruelty of this book, I mean Voldemort and the Death Eaters are fluffy little kittens compared to some of the characters and their actions in “Gone” . Plus children are cruel.


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