Book 52: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

PIMG_4012Across the Universe by Beth Revis (first book in the trilogy)

Finished reading June 22, 2013

Rating 7/10

Despite the cheesy cover and being classified as “young adult sci-fi novel” I found it quite good.

I liked the main ideas, although the execution could have been better but, oh, well…

So there’s a spaceship on its 300-year long mission on its way a planet in the Alfa Centauri system. There are some people cryogenically frozen on board, who are specialists in a variety of fields and are supposed to help with terraforming etc on the destination planet. Among these people is a girl by the name of Amy, who is “woken up” aka melted fifty years early and has to face the reality of the life on a spaceship where none of the residents have ever seen the Earth, and not even seen real stars (what a bummer… seriously people living on a spacecraft not being shown the stars?)

The people on the ship are led by Eldest, one of the oldest people on the ship, and Eldest is also a sort of mentor, teacher and father-figure to Elder, who after Eldest is gone would become the next leader.

So Amy wakes up on a strange ship, not knowing why or who melted her and has to deal with this strange society and someone seems to be trying to kill the frozen people, among whom are Amy’s parents. So mystery ensues.

It has a lot of interesting twists and turns in it, so I rather liked it, and probably will read the next book as well.

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