Book 59: The Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos by Dennis Overbye

PIMG_4967The Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos by Dennis Overbye

Finished reading July 26, 2013

Rating 7/10

This book is about the history of cosmology. Another one in a long line? Not exactly.  This would be the one you’d find in the bibliography in other books.

It was quite good, some funny bits in it, and doesn’t seem to leave out anything important. Not many (or any?) equations, easy enough to understand, but would need some basic knowledge of modern cosmology to be simple and enjoyable.

I originally got this book as a final exasperated sigh – it keeps turning up everywhere and I hadn’t read it, the same with two other books, one of which was Arthur Koestler’s “The Sleepwalkers” and the other Timothy Ferris’ “Coming of Age in the Milky Way”. I thought they might all be a bit too similar, but as it turns out, at least The Sleepwalkers and The Lonely Hearts are definitely not.

However as a side-note – there are several other books that deal with the same topic (kind of) as the Lonely Hearts: “About Time” by Adam Frank,   “The Inflationary Universe” by Alan Guth and “The Edge of Physics”  by Anil Ananthaswamy. So if you’re interested in that, read those books as well 🙂 .


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