Book 69: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Finished reading on August 21, 2013

Rating 7/10

The Lightning Thief was a good start for a series, the idea is great, and considering how it’s in a way resurrecting the Greek gods so that children would know them (ahem… and adults too, since I know Roman gods – only because of the planets ). 🙂

Some time ago in spring, I happened to watch a part of the movie on bus, unfortunately I was too sleepy to finish watching it, but now having read the book, I think it merits another try.

Is it even possible that someone hasn’t heard of Percy Jackson and the Olympians? Well, maybe. So the main point is that the Greek gods live, they have  a lot of half-blood children. Percy Jackson is one of them, but his not just one of them, his father is one of the Great Three, Poseidon, the Sea God. And naturally if you’ve already got gods in the story, there has to be adventure.

In a way it felt like a children’s version of Gaiman’s American Gods, although the gods are from different mythologies.

However, by the time the book was nearing it’s end I realized, what books it actually reminded me of. Now think: A kid who is bullied at school, is somewhat different from all the others, finds out he’s not who he thought he was, goes on an adventure with a somewhat silly best friend and a really smart girl, has to fight monsters, and doesn’t really have to obey the laws of physics. Hmmm…. what could it possibly be? The setup reminded me of Harry Potter, just instead of a school for witches and wizards, there’s a summer-camp for half-bloods, instead of Ron, there’s Grover , instead of Hermione there’s Annabeth and instead of Dumbledore there’s Chiron.

And well the three-headed dog…

Otherwise it was good, quite entertaining.

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