Book 72: Mars: The Dusty Planet by Ellen Lawrence

Camera 360Mars: the Dusty Planet by Ellen Lawrence

Published by Ruby Tuesday Books, 2013

24 pages

Finished reading on September 5, 2013

Rating 4/10

Today at work I had an amazing chance to read this book, that had no new information in it for me at all. It’s not too surprising, since as anyone can see from the previous reviews, there have been “The Mighty Mars Rovers” and “The Case for Mars” on my reading list recently.

I’m guessing the audience for this book would be either children who have just learnt to read, or the purpose of the book is the images that the parent can point at and read the short and simple text to an even younger child.

As a real introduction to the planet Mars, it’s similar to Mars in it’s dryness.

There are lots of other better and more informative space books out there.

Basically it was just boring. And short.

Though I did find one sentence there really funny. It went something like this: “Curiosity is taking pictures of itself on Mars”. Me, having the wild imagination as always, thought of it as a tourist taking a picture of himself/herself with a famous landmark like the Eiffel Tower, but Curiosity is being a lot cooler and trying to say “Look at me! This is where I am!”



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