Book 73: The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid

Finished reading on September 7, 2013

Rating 8/10

This book is a story told by a Pakistani named Changez to a foreigner he has just met in Lahore. Changez tells him about how he got his first job after finishing his studies in Princeton and how he goes to a trip with his classmates to Greece and there finds a girl named Erica.

Changez’ story continues with him coming back from his travels and the twin towers have fallen. Now his life is about to change – he wears a beard that doesn’t help him make new or keep old acquaintances, as it’s a reminder of the terrorist attacks.

Also there’s some drama going on with Erica, who Changez falls in love with, but who has had a difficult time in the past few years and disappears in the end.

There’s also this question up in the air, whether there will be a war between Pakistan and India or not.

As an addition to the story that Changez is telling, there are also these events in the present that are going on – he is sitting in a restaurant with this foreigner, and eating dinner with him and drinking with him, and they leave together, and there’s always this suspicion that either Changez or the foreigner is not who he’s trying to appear as, and the book ends with a kind of mystery.

I guess the reader has to continue thinking about the book on their own, to guess what was in the foreigner’s pocket… If you want to find out, why that’s the last question that remains, then read this book.

And here the author is reading  some parts of the book:

You can find out more about the writer  on his homepage here.

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