Book 75: Mission to Mars by Buzz Aldrin

PIMG_3308Mission to Mars by Buzz Aldrin

Finished reading on September 20, 2013

Rating 7/10

Mission to Mars tells about the vision that Buzz Aldrin has for Mars missions. Known best for him being the other astronaut to be on the Moon with Neil Armstrong, he has a long history and connection to such missions.

However, while for example Zubrin supports the Mars Direct plan which would send men to Mars for around 6 months, then return them and send the next ones, then Aldrin’s vision was a slight surprise for me, but I have to say it does seem even a tad bit more exciting than Zubrin’s. Namely instead of just having many missions to Mars, Aldrin would rather support colonization of Mars instead of a few rare astronauts leaving their footprints in the Red Planet’s soil.

For example one part of Aldrin’s mission would be to use cycling spacecraft, that keep orbiting around Earth and Mars and one would have to take a smaller and faster spacecraft to get to this “interplanetary taxi”.

There were some other interesting points in the book as well, and it is filled with pictures, either artist’s impressions of different spacecraft or photos of previous missions etc.

I think this would be a good introduction to the topic of Mars Missions, but if you know more about them already, then there might be little new in this book for you.


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