Looking Back on the Year 2013


Just recently I was asked by someone how many kilograms of books do I read in a year, unfortunately I don’t have a scale, so I still don’t know… However for some time I’ve thought of piling up all the books I’ve read in a year and see how many centimeters I can read in a year. This is the result: 158 centimeters. Puny? Yes, there are 48 books missing from the piles as I read them as e-books or got from the library or lent from friends, so I’m positive it should be more than 2 meters easily.

As for numbers: 121 beautiful books altogether in the year 2013. 54 of them were fiction and 67 non-fiction.

I’m sad to say that only 4 of those books were in my native language…  Last year I at least managed to read 12 in Estonian (from the total of 101) And the year before (2011) out of 46 books 24 were in Estonian and in 2010 out of 53 books, 34 were in Estonian, so unless I do something about it, then in 2014 I should probably read about -6 books in Estonian (I’m not quite sure how that would work out)

The year isn’t quite over just yet, so maybe I’ll read some more…

Happy reading!


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