Book 132: Going Commando by Mark Time


Going Commando by Mark Time

Finished reading on April 14th, 2014

Rating: 7/10

A sixteen-year-old Mark has had two ideas for what he’d want to become – a geologist or a Royal Marines Commando. This book is about how he undergoes the rigorous training trying to earn his green beret.

This book is entertaining to a certain type of person – one who has undergone infantry training themselves, or someone who’s intrigued by the (occasionally almost silly) discipline that the trainees have to follow. I fall into the second category and as such I found it an interesting read, but also illuminating, since I’ve read a book dealing with infantry training in my country, which isn’t voluntary for most of the young men going through it.

There was some rude language involved, but that was understandable given the situation… Otherwise the writing was good, and funny, if you find other people’s misfortune entertaining…

“So, why do you want to join the Royal Marines?” It was as if he had asked me to explain Einstein’s theory of relativity, only with commandos as elementary particles.

What I liked the most were parts where Time describes having to have the equipment in excellent order and polishing boots to a near mirror-like shine, and what happens when they fail to meet the cleanliness standards.

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