Book 152: Eyes Right by Hugh Barty-King


Eyes Right – The Story of Dollond & Aitchison by Hugh Barty-King

Finished reading on 12. 10.2014

Rating: 6/10

If you’ve never thought of reading a book about a small family business turned international success, this book isn’t for you.

Though it’s not exactly the tone of the book, but that is what basically happens with the small Dollond optics business that was started in 18th century.

Although I was reading it because of the first hundred years or so of the business, the end wasn’t too utterly boring either (although it was on the edge…), as it gave an insight into spectacle business in Great Britain in 20th century. Not necessarily something one might want to look into, but if you do, you’d better be wearing glasses – as as a non-spectacle wearing person it was a totally strange area for me…

I did like the beginning of the book, as I’m very (to the nth level) interested in the history of optics and astronomy, and I see one more than two-hundred-year-old Dollond telescope every day I spend at work, it was fascinating. Not just because of finding out more about John and Peter Dollond – the father and son who established the business, but also because of the other opticians of the time – Jesse Ramsden and James Short for example.
In some other instances I was saddened though, as there were some errors when it came to William and Caroline Herschel and their observations, but I hope everything about Dollonds was precise.

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