Book 187: The Big Bang Theory and Philosophy

Finished on August 26th, 2015

Rating: 7/10 (Narration was great, characters excellent, but the viewpoint is dismal)

I’m a big fan of “The Big Bang Theory” and although a few years back I did show up some interest in philosophy I can’t really say that I would be too much into thinking hard about thinking etc… However I thought that this might be a good first book to listen to as an audio book – I know all the characters and I’ve seen most of the TV series episode at least three times, with earlier seasons possibly up to ten times.

The narration was nice and so was the whole book, although I’m quite certain that had it been just the philosophy part I would have given up on even just listening to this book quite early on in the experience.

The book for example delves into such topics as friendship and families,religious beliefs, lying etc, usual stereotypes such as someone who is very pretty isn’t very smart, and someone who’s very smart usually isn’t too smart in everyday things.

I think if you want a good first book to read/listen to about philosophy, then this one is a nice start (although does there have to be anything further is a different question).

As such I

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