Book 191: The Universe In Your Hand by Christophe Galfard


The Universe In Your Hand: A Journey Through Space, Time and Beyond by Christophe Galfard

Finished reading on November 6th, 2015

Rating: 9/10

This is the strangest popular science book I’ve read.
It’s told in second person point of view throughout as if you’re the crazy person travelling through the Universe and through molecular structure as well.

It is very interesting and written in rather simple language, and you don’t need mathematics to get though this book. However a healthy dose of imagination is crucial.
It was enjoyable and showed some concepts in physics from a different angle in very cute terms to say the least – when you’ve got something in physics cuddling up like penguins for example.
I would highly recommend reading this book even if you’ve got several degrees in physics, as it is highly entertaining, but still scientifically accurate.

The book goes into detail in elementary particle physics, general and special relativity and quantum mechanics and also cosmology, but not into the mathematics. However  I doubt your physics teacher or professor would let you get away with explanations like the ones in the book .

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