Book 205: Antarctica by Gabrielle Walker


Antarctica by Gabrielle Walker

Finished reading on February 27th, 2016
Rating: 9/10

I had an idea of what the book will be like, but that turned out to be wrong.

This book would be a great start if you’ve never read anything about Antarctica and want to get a good all-around book without it being a travel-guide.

I enjoyed reading this book because of two things – first because it’s about Antarctica and second because it goes into details on different aspects of some of the narrower topics.
In the book you can find out about what kind of research is being done in Antarctica in the different stations and bases and what kind of people would want to spend months on that freezing continent.

I found it really interesting, because you get more of a wider idea of everything there, about the research on penguins and why there are telescopes there and why it’s a good place for seismology and about the meteorites etc.

It’s written in a really simple and enjoyable way, so I got through it relatively fast.

There’s also a little bit about some of the famous polar expeditions . Definitely not about all of them and not in great length, but enough for first reading.

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