Book 242: The Upright Thinkers by Leonard Mlodinow


The Upright Thinkers: The Human Journey  from Living in Trees to Understanding the Cosmos by Leonard Mlodinow

Finished reading on November 30th, 2017

Rating: 10/10

When I started out reading this book, I thought “Wow, I really should read more books about evolution.”

Then I continued reading for a few chapters.

Then I suddenly found myself thinking :”This is cool. How come I’ve never read much about the history of chemistry?”

And then finally I got all the way to the end with the thought, that it’s mostly still about the history of physics :).

It’s a great book. I found it really fascinating and informative in a way that made me mention something I had just read in this book in random conversations.

Mlodinow goes from the evolution of our species to how come you can read this post on a thing that would have been seen as magical just a hundred years ago. I have to say though, that I expected something slightly different, but I really shouldn’t have.

Although Mlodinow talks about several discoveries in chemistry and changes in society and people’s thinking, then most of it is about physics, and quite a lot of it is about modern physics to be precise.

In a way the book gives small glimpses of what science was like and about at different times, and it all comes together in a “quantum physics is the coolest” kind of way in the end.

I would want to say that I’d recommend this to anyone. But then I thought of if a scientist from a different field were to write a book like this, would there be so much physics? Maybe there’d be more geology and genetics and biology or medicine, and astronomy? I think so, but the book is still awesome!

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