Non-fiction Books

Astronomy, Space Science and Astronautics


Book Title Author Rating
Civilized Life in The Universe George Basalla 8/10
The Story of Astronomy Peter Aughton 9/10
What If the Earth Had Two Moons? Neil Comins 6/10
Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars Sir Patrick Moore 8/10
The Inflationary Universe Alan Guth 8/10
Digital Astrophotography David Ratlege 6/10
Riding Rockets Mike Mullane 9/10
The Great Atlas of the Stars Serge Brunier 6/10
Longitude Dava Sobel 8/10
Falling to Earth Al Worden 9/10
The Prophet and the Astronomer Marcelo Gleiser 7/10
Death by Black Hole Neil deGrasse Tyson 8/10
The Stars of Heaven Clifford A. Pickover 7/10
The Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos Dennis Overbye 7/10
The Sleepwalkers Arthur Koestler 8/10
The 4 Percent Universe Richard Panek 6/10
The Mighty Mars Rovers Elizabeth Rusch 10/10
Discoverers of the Universe Michael Hoskin 9/10
Death From the Skies! Philip Plait 8/10
The Case for Mars Robert Zubrin 9/10
Mars:The Dusty Planet Ellen Lawrence 4/10
Strange New Worlds Ray Jayawardhana 8/10
Mission to Mars Buzz Aldrin 7/10
COMETS! David J. Eicher 9/10
Pale Blue Dot Carl Sagan 10/10
The Book Nobody Read Owen Gingerich 7/10
The Unity of the Universe D.W. Sciama 8/10
How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming Mike Brown 10/10
Astronomy Photographer of the Year: Collection 1 8/10
Coming Of Age in The Milky Way Timothy Ferris 7/10
Time One Colin Gillespie 5/10
Nearest Star Leon Golub & Jay M. Pasachoff 9/10
Marketing the Moon David M. Scott and Richard Jurek 9/10
Fireside Astronomy Sir Patrick Moore 7/10
Rocket Dreams Marina Benjamin 7/10
Digital SLR Astrophotography Michael A. Covington 8/10
Spacefaring: The Human Dimension Albert A. Harrison 8/10
An Acre of Glass J.B. Zirker 8/10
Star Lore William Tyler Olcott 8/10
An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth Chris Hadfield 8/10
Eyes Right Hugh Barty-King 6/10
Gravity’s Engines Caleb Scharf 10/10
Origins Neil Degrasse Tyson and Donald Goldsmith 9/10
The Copernicus Complex Caleb Scharf 9/10
Totality Mark Littmann, Robin Walker, Fred Espenak and Ken Willcox 7/10
The Interstellar Age Jim Bell 9/10

Physics and Mathematics

Book Title Author Rating
Symmetry and the Monster Mark Ronan 8/10
The Code Book Simon Singh 10/10
The Joy of Physics Arthur W. Wiggins 7/10
Antimatter Frank Close 8/10
Galileo J.L. Heilbron 9/10
The Man Who Changed Everything Basil Mahon 9/10
Visions Michio Kaku 8/10
How To Destroy The Universe Paul Parsons 7/10
Quirky Sides of Scientists David R. Topper 8/10
The Physics of Star Trek Lawrence M. Krauss 8/10
The Strangest Man Graham Farmelo 9/10
The Music of the Primes Marcus du Sautoy 8/10
American Prometheus Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin 8/10
What is Relativity Jeffrey Bennett 8/10
The Age Of Radiance Craig Nelson 9/10
The Physics of Superheroes James Kakalios 9/10
The Golden Ratio/a> Mario Livio 8/10
Collider Paul Halpern 8/10
Einstein’s Cosmos Michio Kaku 9/10
Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! Richard P. Feynman 10/10

Other Science

Book Title Author Rating
My Life With the Chimpanzees Jane Goodall 8/10
The Earth After Us Jan Zalasiewicz 7/10
Intelligence: A Very Short Introduction Ian J. Deary 8/10
Collapse Jared Diamond 10/10
The Secret Life Of Sleep Kat Duff 7/10
An Explorer’s Notebook Tim Flannery 8/10
The Monkey’s Voyage Alan De Queiroz 6/10
Nothing New Scientist 8/10
Lucky Planet David Waltham 8/10
The Science Magpie Simon Flynn 8/10
The Flight of the Iguana David Quammen 6/10
The Science of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy Michael Hanlon 9/10
Your Inner Fish Neil Shubin 9/10
Out of Thin Air Peter D. Ward 10/10
The End of Night Paul Bogard 9/10
What If? Randall Munroe 10/10
Sextant David Barrie 9/10

Other Non-Fiction

Book Title Author Rating
How to Become an Intellectual Nick Kolakowski 7/10
Night & Low-Light Photography Jill Waterman 7/10
By the Seat of My Pants Edited by Don George 7/10
Photos That Sell Lee Frost 7/10
The Girls of Atomic City Denise Kiernan 9/10
Brainwashing Kathleen Taylor 8/10
Darwin Slept Here Eric Simons 10/10
Wonder Woman Unbound Tim Hanley 9/10
The Kitchen Magpie James Steen 8/10
The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm James Napoli 6/10

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