Book 194: Things To Make And Do In The Fourth Dimension


Things To Make And Do In The Fourth Dimension by Matt Parker

Rating: 10/10

If you ever happen to be in the search for a book that would show the fun in mathematics, then this book is a great contender for it.

Although I’ve never doubted that maths is fun, but I was surprised how when I first picked this book up in a bookshop with no intention of buying anything, I got sucked into it and spent about an hour on the spot reading it and had to get it to finish reading it.

With a conversational style and good choice of topics, you’ll get from prime numbers and Platonic solids to several dimensions in no time -maybe not without a stop though, as you can try some of the things that are mentioned in the book yourself – I got sidetracked for the longest while with the Tower of Hanoi (you can play a flash version of it here ).

I found it fun and the topics varied enough, I might have liked a little bit more of history of mathematics in it though, but I guess that would have slowed the book down considerably.