Book 192: 2 States by Chetan Bhagat


2 States by Chetan Bhagat

Finished reading on November 9th, 2015
Rating:for good intentions 7/10, for the execution 5/10

I read this book so I could finally watch the movie without thinking that I should have read the book first, now I can.
I feel though that maybe I’m a slightly wrong person to read this book – I know little about both South and North Indian culture. Anyway it was quite an odd, although fast read.

We have the main characters- Krish, a Punjabi from Delhi and a Tamil girl Ananya, who meet during their graduate studies, who after graduating want to get married. Knowing that their families would disapprove because first the marriage is supposed to be arrange and the boy and girl are not supposed to find a partner, but that’s rather something that the parents or matchmaker does, and also the problem of them being from two states.

As a general idea for the plot, I find it quite interesting, but how it was solved seems a bit strange to me, a little bit unbelievable, and everything was a bit too melodramatic.

There was one part that was very believable though – Krish’s depression, at every other time the focus is always on Krish and Ananya wanting to get married, convincing their parents, etc, so you don’t know the characters separately at all, sure you know where they work and who their parents are, but that rarely defines a person. The part where Krish is lying in bed awake not being able to get to sleep because of the thoughts in his head, seemed like a genuine moment. Can’t wait to see the movie to find out whether that’s in or not.

The book left me a bit confused – everything happens in a linear fashion – one success or failure after another, nothing happening at the same time.

I appreciate the idea and the cultural differences portrayed, but in the end it feels more like you’ve read an article in a magazine about a couple rather than a novel.

If you’ve read this book, what did you think of it?

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