Book 138: Digital SLR Astrophotography by Michael A. Covington


Digital SLR Astrophotography by Michael A. Covington

Finished reading on May 7th, 2014

Rating: 8/10

If you’re just getting interested in astrophotography and you have a DSLR camera, then this book is an excellent starting point. It introduces the necessary equipment for starting out, but it also introduces the reader to some of the parts of the camera.

In addition to equipment this book also teaches image processing Рhow to edit them Рwhat to do with flat frames, dark frames and bias frames and how to take them. Also how to stack images and what are some of the most needed functions in Photoshop (although their  almost the same in GIMP).

In general I found it interesting although I’ve been using my DSLR for astrophotography for a couple of years now, I still got some new information that I didn’t know before.

It focuses mostly on the technical side of astrophotography – what and how to use and why.


Book 14: Digital Astrophotography

Digital Astrophotography. The State of the Art edited by David Ratlege

Finished reading November 10, 2012

Rating 6/10

From this book you’ll find out all the basics of astrophotography. Some of the not so basic information will be overcast by the shadow of the pretty pictures and an optimistic outlook that if you’d just have the necessary equipment you could start doing it too.

It didn’t seem comprehensive enough to be the only book an aspiring astrophotographer would need to read, but it would work well as an introduction to the methods and subjects – using a webcam, dslr or ccd camera; taking pictures of constellations, planets and deep sky objects.

It didn’t make me fall asleep nor would it make me want to sleep on a dark clear night.