Book 41: How To Destroy The Universe by Paul Parsons


How To Destroy The Universe by Paul Parsons

Finished reading on May 9th, 2013

Rating 7/10

This book I got solely because of the title.  The book contains 35 chapters that have titles all starting with “How To”, for example contact aliens, stop a hurricane, turn lead into gold etc.  It covers a rather wide area of physics, so it’s interesting enough without being too difficult (although I wouldn’t go as far as to say that anyone can understand the concepts the way they’re presented in the book – some chapters require more thought than others.)

All in all it’s fun if you happen to be interested in science, if not – even the title won’t save you, because the chapter that’s titled “How to destroy the universe” only gives you ways how the universe might come to an end – the heat death, the big rip etc, not however practical ways of going about doing that, if you’d ever have the wish to do so.

It’s entertainment, but not on the same level as cartoons or comicbooks – more like opera or classical music…