Book 24: Photos That Sell by Lee Frost


Books That Sell by Lee Frost

Finished reading on 3.01.2013

Rating 7/10

One of those books you’d either just open for the sake of the pictures or to actually learn something.

For me it was the second one. The books is informative and somewhat motivational although considering that it was published about ten years ago, the information’s a bit old and gray…

The part I found the most useful were the last few chapters that dealt with some of the photography techniques, and there were some intersting tips that I’m probably going to use.

It would be a really useful book to read if you’re interested in getting into stock photography.

Book 6: Night & Low-Light Photography by Jill Waterman

Night & Low-Light Photography by Jill Waterman (Amphoto Books, 2008)

Finished reading on October 24, 2012

Rating: 7/10

Whenever I find a book that covers exactly the subjects I’m interested in, I get really exited. The sad part comes along quickly, because the expectations get really high, as with this book.

I love night photography. And the book does give lots of examples of different photographers’ works and various methods that I might some night want to try out. Actually there was a bit of trouble with reading this book at night-time – it is somewhat inspirational/motivational, so I’d just stop reading, grab my camera and go outside to try and take as good pictures as I could… since I’ve still got to learn to actually implement some of the techniques used in the book.

It’s rather informative though it does seem a little impersonal, the pictures especially. Not that photos should always tell a story, but at some point it gets a bit tiresome reading all the technical details of a picture…

Otherwise it’s good, I think if I hadn’t been into night photography before reading it, I would have gotten interested in it by now.