Book 70: Proof by David Auburn


Finished reading on August 22, 2013

Rating 8/10

Proof is the play on which the movie with the same name is based on.

Since I loved the movie, I always thought I should get the play and read it.

It was good, naturally it’s almost exactly the same as the movie, but there are slight differences too.

I especially liked the beginning of act two, when Robert, Catherine’s dad, is asking what’s for dinner, Catherine was going to make spaghetti and her dad doesn’t want that again, and later says that pasta is “just an euphemism people invented when they got sick of eating spaghetti.” That’s not in the movie, but I totally agree. 🙂

Now for those, who haven’t seen the movie, or read the play – I’d suggest watching the movie. It takes about the same amount of time and there’s some more colour to it.

In short it is about a father and a daughter, the father is a mathematician, who went crazy and the daughter thinks she might be slightly crazy too.  Or is she? Maybe she’s just an amazing mathematician, and nobody understands or believes her…